Driveway Paving

asphalt driveway

We Create Beautiful, Long Lasting Driveways

MERRILL focuses on serving residential and small business paving needs in throughout Orange & Ulster Counties, from home driveways to private roads.

Our approach to your home’s driveway is different than many. We focus on both enduring quality as well as long lasting looks.

Quality Asphalt Driveway Installation

  • Quality you need at the price you want.
  • Proper asphalt thickness throughout your entire driveway.
  • Asphalt base designed properly for your usage.
  • Complete planning for all drainage potential design issues.

Driveway Drainage

How to fix driveway drainage problems?
Rerouting water away from your driveway and home can be done by installing a Channel Drain, French Drain, Swale, Culvert, or by Regrading.

What Causes Driveways to Crack?
• Poor Driveway Foundation and Base Installation
• Settling
• Too Much Weight
• Tree Root Growth
• Sharp Object Damage
• Freeze and Thaw Cycle
• Heat Expansion
• Asphalt is Too Thin
• Excessive Use of Sealers or Low-Quality Asphalt Mix

New Asphalt Driveway Replacement

Full driveway replacement is the reliable way to fix your cracked and broken driveway.
Don’t settle for just applying another layer of asphalt over substandard or old paving.
An entirely new driveway ensures you many years of reliable use.

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