Newburgh NY Paving & Sealcoating

asphalt driveway

Quality Driveway Installation in Newburgh NY

  • Quality you can rely on.
  • Correct driveway thickness throughout.
  • All aspects designed for your usage needs.
  • Complete planning for all drainage potential design issues.

Newburgh NY Driveway Replacement

Is the driveway on your Newburgh home not looking very healthy? Full replacement and re-paving is the reliable way to handle your worn out asphalt.
Why do we typically recommend a full replacement? Simply put, if you only add a layer over your existing cracked driveway then in many cases those cracks will eventually reappear.

A new driveway ensures you many years of reliable use.

Driveway Drainage

How to fix driveway drainage problems?
Rerouting water away from your driveway and home can be done by installing a Channel Drain, French Drain, Swale, Culvert, or by Regrading.

What Causes Driveways to Crack?
• Poor Driveway Foundation and Base Installation
• Settling
• Too Much Weight
• Tree Root Growth
• Sharp Object Damage
• Freeze and Thaw Cycle
• Heat Expansion
• Asphalt is Too Thin
• Excessive Use of Sealers or Low-Quality Asphalt Mix

Sealcoating To Protect

Sealcoating is very important to protecting your driveway. Every year your driveway is losing the tar that binds it together, sealcoating helps to replace and protect, helping to keep your driveway together.
It’s no surprise – asphalt is not cheap. Sealcoating is an investment in your home’s value and your own enjoyment.

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